Finally, A Mini MBA

For Entrepreneurs That’s

That’s Quick, Supportive &

 Prosperous With Proven

Strategies Even

Oprah Used!

Where Theory Meets Real-Life For Business Success!

You and your organization benefit from qualified leading Experts, not Generalists, delivering solutions for sustainability and growth!

All courses are embedded with the latest Entre-Leadership principles and practices to create Formidable Leaders and Organizations alike.

“The Greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change their future by merely changing their attitude.” – Oprah Winfrey

Mini MBA For Entrepreneurs & Managers

Take your business to the next level…

  • A Business Growth Course That’s Live, Interactive & Supportive For Your Specific Needs!
  • Specifically made for Entrepreneurs / Business Owners
  • 7 Days 1 Day Per Week for Seven Weeks
  • Embedded With ENTRE-LEADERSHIP Principles & Practices
  • Business Fundamentals For Real Life Business
  • Hands-On With Your Business Plans (not hypotheticals)
  • 1 FREE Supplementary On-Demand Course
  • Lots of Bonus Business Tools
9k people trained
27 years of expriences

Corporate PD Staff Training

  • The Best In Live Virtual Training
  • Renown “Think On Your Feet®” program
  • eDISC (coming soon)
  • In-house Dedicated Training (post-COVID)
  • On-demand Academy Courses
  • Soft Skill Courses; Beginners To Advanced & (Computer Courses coming soon)
  • Customization Available
  • Highly Experienced, Well Regarded Trainers
  • Get Up-To-Date Skills, Methods, And Better ROI
  • Highly Sought After Training By Many Organisations
  • 1:1 Manager Individual Coaching (virtual, coming soon)
Live Virtual on demand

Best Live Global Workshops

  • Mini MBA For Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Managers, Staff
  • Most Interactive & Affective Global Virtual Training
  • LEAD Academy On-Demand Courses
  • Face-to-Face & Virtual
  • Highly Sought After Trainer/Consultant/Coach
  • Soft Skills Courses & (Computer Courses coming soon)
  • Learn New Skills, Tips, and Strategies
  • Network With Local & Global Communities

Here are just a few organisations we have worked with…

Here is an example of our Co-authoring with  17 Celebrities & 133 Expert Entrepreneurs for the Best-Selling 1Habit™ For Entrepreneurial Success…

Business Prosperity Architect

Developing your Entre-Leadership culture means:

  • you’ll make more money and profits
  • you’ll gain a formidable reputation
  • you’ll have clients sourcing you
  • you’ll run a leaner business
  • you’ll lower staff turnover
  • your staff will be your advocates
  • your clients will be your advocates
  • colleagues will want to JV with you
  • you’ll gain more time back in your life
  • and you’ll be a leader in your industry

Create your Business by DESIGN, live the life you want.

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What some of Our Clients Say

Tina Vlass

Inhabit, Melbourne

“The presentation was very inspirational and thought-provoking.”

Andrew K.


Sonia kept the session active. Really enjoyed it

Ida M.

Team Leader, Helloworld, Melbourne

“I really enjoyed my Management training. I feel more empowered to do well.”

Training Experts


Sonia Clark

Founding Director – Entrepreneur & PD Trainer, Course Designer

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Fee Hosking

THINK ON YOUR FEET® Specialist, PD Trainer, Course Designer

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Claire Dodman

PD, Business & OHS/WHS Trainer, Course Designer

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Johnathon Clark

ACTIVE 8 SOCIAL – Digital Marketing Agency (Facebook Expert)

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