One of the main challenges of today’s Leaders is to attract and retain a skilled workforce. The labour market constantly changes, and companies find themselves managing the different generations, each having different values, goals, and abilities.

Strong and effective Leaders focus not only on the “what” of “what you need to be a successful leader” and on the “how” of “how to be a successful leader”, but we’re now looking at the “why” for staff, customers, and ourselves. How can one be such a Leader? Well, you must possess the ability to influence people, to achieve better results for your company while respecting staff, their abilities and values; whether your organisation is “top-down”, “flat”, or “bottom-up” management, and ensure communications flow both ways between all stakeholders. The game has changed even more so recently with the ever-growing Z Generation now in the workplace.

Since nowadays there are five different generations in the workplace, true Leaders respect the differences among them, value their different skills, and know how to treat each of the different generations, therefore enhancing appreciation and gaining better ROI. What are the five generations?:

  • Traditionalists (Born before 1946)
  • Baby Boomers (Born between 1946 – 1964)
  • Generation X’s (Born between 1965 – 1980)
  • Generation Y’s or Millennials (Born between 1981 – 1994)
  • Generation Z’s (Born between 1995 – 2004)
  • Next are the Alpha’s (Born 2004 – ….)

As these generations of people significantly impact the business’s success, you need to fully master every mindset and requirements due for Generational Leadership. Change Management, Cultural Anthropology, and Project Management methodologies can help with the leadership of staff and business processes, but spreading understanding and tolerance, and celebrating the difference with roles and abilities of staff, and the wants and needs of customers/clients, enables teamwork within an organisation to then achieve objectives. Thank goodness there are many great leaders (“new thinkers”) to lead and guide us today and into the future.

One of my favourite Leaders is Simon Sinek, who’s yours?………

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