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Introducing…Kelly O’Neil

Kelly O’Neil is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, profit strategist and brand-marketing expert for the next generation of innovative companies and thought leaders. She is on a mission to disrupt the status quo and re-write the rules of entrepreneurship to help her clients create high profit and high freedom businesses on their terms. Her genius is to help you strategically design and build a business that makes and keeps more money, create a scalable infrastructure and marketing automation plan that helps your company grow, while providing you with more time off and the opportunity to live a life from a place of choice using an innovative business process called The Profit-ologyTM Process.

Named by Seth Godin as “One of the Most Innovative Companies in America”, as an influencer, Kelly reaches hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide through media, speaking and social networking each year. She has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes, NBC, and ABC among others. Kelly is a best-selling author and has shared the stage with industry legends including Tim Ferris, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracey, Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown, Tony Hsieh, and Lisa Nichols among other brilliant influencers. Kelly hosts the “Profit-ology Podcast” on iTunes and is the executive producer and co-host of the show Las Vegas Home Makeover with her client, long-time friend, celebrity interior designer Kelli Ellis.

Kelly is a passionate advocate for reaching personal potential and living life from a place of choice. In 2015, Kelly sponsored the development of a village in Africa though The Unstoppable Foundation’s “Every Child Has a Right to Learn Campaign” providing education, clean water & sanitation, food & nutrition, healthcare and income training & empowerment to every child in the village and the community. To learn more about Kelly and how she helps companies become more profitable, please check out www.kellyoneil.com

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Introducing…Michelle Baxo

Michelle Baxo is an empowerment coach, bringing women around the world from powerLESS to powerFUL in every area of life.

You can find Michelle in Forbes, Cosmopolitan, INSIDER, CNN, NBC, Toronto Sun, and countless podcasts and summits. Michelle’s YouTbue Channel provides a wealth of knowledge around love and empowerment, and her new book Power Love Dating is soon to be released.

Michelle has a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology and a professional background in psychotherapy, mind-body healing, and was formally a personal development manager and program leader with Landmark Worldwide.

The magic ingredient to all of her work is called Power Love, which lives “in-between” the extremes we too often find ourselves in, please check out www.michellebaxo.com

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