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2nd December… 

Sonia Clark brings you 21 Leading Entrepreneurs to discuss their secrets for Success in business and tips for getting your life and business more organized.


Learn from the best global Entrepreneurs what has worked for them, the lessons they’ve learned, and what NOT to do.

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Gain More Time & Control In Your Business & Life

Want more TIME to enjoy your life with your loved ones?

Need more time to get things done efficiently and effectively in your business?

More time means more control. Control your business now to achieve your goals and dreams!

These 9 recorded video lessons will provide you great strategies, tools, techniques and tips for you to start making a difference…now!

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Learn More:
  • Better goal setting techniques.
  • Use SMARTER with Reverse Engineering.
  • Understand and use Pareto’s Law of 80/20 to tweak your perception and plan your future.
  • Overcome procrastination with several effective techniques and implementation rules.
  • Use Ready, Fire, Aim in a more effective way with some hot tips.
  • Understand and implement the power of visualisation.
  • Leverage the use of your SWOT with yourself, your systems and processes and your staff.
  • Why use a productivity journal.
  • Prioritise your tasks, jobs, and goals in your work and personal life with these additional techniques from the “Glass Jar” theory.

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The 13 Pillar Business GROWTH System

Leverage your income and double your revenue & business.

This 10 Month intensive membership course will build and leverage your Income, Productivity, Opportunites, Mindset and your FUTURE!

Now for you, receive LIVE customised training, recorded training and LIVE workshops where you get ONE-TO-ONE customised help to make a massive difference in your business and in your life. And at a much cheaper cost than if you employed a coach!

Learn More:

The 13 Pillars To Building Your Success will show you how to implement:

  • Pillar 1: Dream and Vision Creation
  • Pillar 2: Mind-Set for Success
  • Pillar 3: Strategic Planning
  • Pillar 4: Systems and Operations
  • Pillar 5: Managing Change
  • Pillar 6: PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) Strategies
  • Pillar 7: Clever Social Marketing and Product Creation
  • Pillar 8: Leadership Tactics
  • Pillar 9: Creating and Mastering Time
  • Pillar 10: Customer Relation Success
  • Pillar 11: Sales Techniques
  • Pillar 12: Financial Management Strategies
  • Pillar 13: Mindful Wellness

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The 5 Step System to Creatively & Dynamically Improve Your Marketing & Sales

The 8 Week intensive course offers LIVE weekly online group training sessions via live webinars (which are also recorded for your convenience). Plus BONUSES galore!

Learn More:

Week 1:

  • Understanding & Creating Your Basic Business Plan & Strategic Marketing Plan
  • SWOT; yourself, your business, your staff
  • The Right Mindset 4 Step Guide; you, staff, sales and clients – pre-framing, philosophy, psychology, tips and tricks
  • Personal Preparation For Business Growth
  • Resilience & Wellbeing Habits

Week 2:

  • The Business’s; Vision, Mission, Values, Promise
  • The Business’s Culture
  • Develop & Utilise; Followers, Tribes, Avatars, Customers, Clients
  • Goal Setting
  • Create Trials
  • Create The Right Marketing Message(& practice)

Week 3:

  • Sales Strategies – WIFM, Results, Niches, Reverse Engineer, Story Telling, Sell Yourself, PAS, Urgency, New & Existing
  • Sales Techniques; including openings, closings, and pre-framing – sales pitches, lead scoring, decision makers, prescriptive selling, perceptive listening, create win-win, risks and opportunities, understanding NO, demos

Week 4:

  • Social Media Platforms – the pro’s and con’s of each for different businesses
  • Website & Landing Pages – the legalities, the tips and tricks, the pro’s and con’s of different software, what you should and shouldn’t do, content, language
  • Product Creation – create different products that you can sell and support your business
  • Product Life Cycle – how does this work with the different consumer life cycles, how to allow for contingencies, time management of your marketing
  • Outsourcing – the different types, pro’s and con’s, how and where
  • Templates – the different types and benefits for online and offline

Week 5:

  • Copy; ads, blogs, newsletters, posts
  • Review platforms for promoting
  • Sales Hustle
  • Speaking
  • Automation
  • Create Your WOMMC (word of mouth marketing campaign)
  • Create Marketing Plan
  • Test & Measure
  • JV’s & Alliances

Week 6:

  • Push & Pull Techniques; value add, raise bar
  • Profiling
  • Surveying
  • Focus Groups & Feedback
  • Negotiation & Pre-framing
  • Client Life Cycle

Week 7:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Legalities; advertisements, website, clients, staff, products, services, contracts, legislation, industry
  • Basic Bookkeeping
  • Finalise Marketing Plan
  • Alliances

Week 8:

  • PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act)
  • Test, Measure, Tweak
  • Administrative Processes
  • Forecasting

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