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Are You Wanting To Grow Your Business 20%? 50%? 100% More?

Do You Want Your Business To Stand Out In The Crowd 2-10X's More Than Your Competitors?

Are you wanting to set your business up so you can have more time back to spend with you loved ones?

Are You Feeling Frustrated With Staff, Business Operations Or Client Issues?

If you really want your business to GROW, use proven method, solutions and reliable tools to help you and your staff, live life on your terms, and be a LEADER in your field, then this is it.

Unlike other Mini MBA’s that cost a fortune, are pre-recorded videos, and only for people wanting to be in Big Corporate Businesses – this LEADERS Mini MBA is the ONLY one designed for ENTREPRENEURS / SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS and even their STAFF!






12 HALF-Days Over 12 Weeks - LIVE Virtual Training & Workshop (valued @ 16800)

In small 3 Hour classes with extra Trainers for extra support, we cover your business requirements, issues, and growth, not hypothetical case studies & NO exams! Though we help you pass in flying colors for success with your business, AND you do receive a CERTIFICATE! (It's just not accredited - ask me about the difference)

The days cover:

  • Pre-Course Work: Business Plans
  • Live Half-Day 1 & 2: Innovative Entre-Leadership (Entrepreneurship & Leadership for Self & Team)
  • Live Half-Day 3 & 4: Creative Marketing & Branding
  • Live Half-Day 5 & 6: Sales Relationship Advocacy (Sales & Customers Service Excellence)
  • Live Half-Day 7 & 8: Leveraged Financial Management
  • Live Half-Day 9 & 10: Holistic Effectiveness (Creativity & Innovation, Time Management, Well-Being)
  • Live Half-Day 11 & 12: Inspiring Project Management Fundamentals & Graduation Ceremony

3 Bonus LIVE Workshops (valued @ 4200)


FREE Exclusive 18 Point Business Analysis Checklist (valued @ 97)


Over 30 Templates & Tools To Use


World-Class Entre-Leadership Strategies


You Work On Your Own Business Plans During The Course


LIVE Virtual Training & Workshops


Bonus #1: Your Guide for Hiring (valued @ 47)

The Successful Entrepreneur's Best Tips & Strategies For Hiring Freelancers, Contractors & Staff


Bonus #2: Powerful Influential Tool - PDF (valued @ 47)

The Most Powerful & Easy To Use Influential Tool


Bonus #3: On-Demand Mini-Course (valued @ 497)

"Dynamic Sales Presentations" 


Bonus #4: Overcome Limiting Beliefs Coaching (valued @ 497)

On-Demand Videos Coaching Sessions/Mini-Course For Overcoming Limiting Beliefs


Bonus #5: High-Performance Guide (valued @ 47)

What High-Performance Leaders & Teams Do Differently 


Bonus #6 Cheat-Sheet (valued @ 47)

Financial Management Cheeat-Sheet


Bonus #7: Additional Weekly Live Mini-Workshops in the Private Facebook Group (value? Priceless!)

Private FB Group To Network With, Get Assistance & Share Resources & Receive On-going Weekly Support Sessions + Graduation Celebrations!

Sonia is an exceptional charismatic trainer. Her intangible knowledge, experience and abundant resources created motivation, enthusiasm and high results from all.

Jodie C

Life Coach

Sonia made learning enjoyable and understandable, thanks so much. Now I know I can do my tasks better.

Vy Vu

Personal Development

Thanks for your strategic advice. I’ve been able to grow my sales and definitely my self-confidence with business steps.


Life and Business Coach

Classes are Small and Limited with Numbers.

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Here’s Your Solution Learning…

→ You will achieve 20%-100% leveraged results!

 Proven Methods & Solutions for Business Growth Results based on STRATEGY, LEADERSHIP, CUSTOMERS & PROSPERITY

 You will be able to accomplish better business results like more Clients, more Revenue, Effective Business Strategies towards Prosperity!

→ You will learn through the Entre-Leadership principles and applications with staffing and customers.

 You’ll learn how to Position your business, Improve your Marketing and Sales!

You’ll know how to Managing Your Projects and Delegate more efficiently!

 You’ll gain more Confidence, Resilience, and Time back in your life!

You Get…

Pre-Course Work

Business Plans!

Your pre-workshop tasks involve getting your business and marketing plans organized, plus  you self-assess your business, yourself, and staff against our exclusive 18 Point Business Analysis Checklist.

Half-Day 1 & 2 - Innovative Entre-Leadership

Your pre-course work must be completed before starting your Day 1.

These days focus on improving your skills and knowledge and business fundamentals with your business, vision, mission and values, as well as providing you with great strategies for growth, people & teams through Leadership! Your Business Plans are updated and worked on to set actionable improvement increases for the next 12 weeks.

Half-Day 3 & 4 - Creative Marketing & Branding

You will review your Business and Marketing plans from your pre-work along with your action plans from Day 1 & 2 to now create an action plan with your Marketing & Branding. You’ll work on your product developments as well as your Social Marketing plans.

Half-Day 5 & 6 - Sales Relationship Advocacy

These days will build your influence and persuasion and ensure your Culture resonates in your sales cycle and culture and strategic relationships to encourage advocates of your clients, customers and even suppliers. Leverage your sales!

Half-Day 7 & 8 - Leveraged Financial Management

You will look at these principles and your documents to be better prepared for a great future and know what to do right now to improve your profit margins, have lean operations, and influence investors/financiers.

Half-Day 9 & 10 - Holistic Effectiveness

Yes, this is a jam-packed two half days full of fantastic information. Each of these topics has a deep-dive section in your LEAD Academy for you to leverage your skills and abilities. You’ll create powerful action plans from these days for things like Time Management, Creativity & Innovation, and Well-Being.

Half-Day 11 & 12 - Inspiring Project Management & Graduation Ceremony

You will learn Project Management Fundamentals and how these processes and tools help you be successful with quality, time, and money with any project in your business.

We then acknowledge your success and graduation. You receive your Certificate to print and your photos are taken!


Bonus #1: The Successful Entrepreneur's Best Tips & Strategies For Hiring Freelancers, Contractors & Staff Guide

Bonus #2: The Most Powerful & Easy To Use Influential Tool PDF

Bonus #3: Dynamic Sales Presentations On-Demand Mini-Course

Bonus #4: On-Demand Videos Coaching Sessions/Mini-Course For Overcoming Limiting Beliefs


    Bonus #5: What High-Performance Leaders & Teams Do Differently Guide

    Bonus #6: Financial Management Cheat-Sheet

    Bonus #7: Additional Weekly Live Mini-Workshops in the Private Facebook Group

    For: Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Managers (of micro and small business).

    LEADERS MINI MBA is where Theory meets Practical and Prosperity!

    To be really successful you must have your underpinning business knowledge and the right tools to get you to where you want to go, Quickly, Easily, and Profitably. 

    Don’t waste any more time looking back and saying, “gosh I wish I knew then what I know know”!

    In 42hours you’ll be able to move the needle in 4 major areas by at least 10%!

    Just A Couple Of  Past Testimonies…

    Thank you for all your help. I know I can always rely on you to steer me in the right direction. You’re so knowledgable, and I’ve been able to achieve some great goals.



    Very impressed. Sonia was not only knowledgeable but made the session highly interactive and ensured each of us knew how to make things work for our individual needs. I signed up for more.


    First State Super

    Sonia made the session so informative and interesting. It exceeded my expectations.


    Dept. Water & Planning

    A Few Of Our Clients…

    Classes are Small and Limited with Numbers.

    Secure Your Spot Now…


    Will this work for me?

    Yes. If you’re frustrated in your business, feeling lost with what to do and how to do things and your business isn’t really thriving and you’re wondering if the LEAD Mini MBA course will work for you – I’ve got news for you!

    I’m passionate enough to want to help you achieve great results. Why? Because you help build our economy and communities.

    I’ve done the school of “Hard Knocks” in business and wished someone could have given me better guidance.

    I’ve done the informal courses and not received the nuts and bolts.

    I’ve also done the formal training where I really needed help, guidance, and to know how to use the information.

    That’s why I’ve brought all the best elements together. I want to help you be the best you can be, professionally and personally!


    You’d be surprised at how I can help you help yourself… I got 29 years of experience in getting people to achieve!

    How fast will I get results?

    That depends. I am unable to guarantee your results for legal reasons – I can’t predict what you will and won’t do with your learnings and resources.

    I can say though – over my past 29 years of training and coaching over 3000 owners and staff I have had many success stories. I even have students still reaching out to me 8 years after I’ve trained them in the Diploma of Business for continued support because they know where they get great advice and help.

    And my Staff who are Trainers have had many success stories too!

    In general, it is not uncommon for trainees to get results in their first month, however by the third month you can really start to see differences.

    There are many variables but it certainly comes down to effort and consistency.

    How much time do I need for this?

    You complete 12 Half days LIVE (real time) over 12 weeks.

    We work together in a LIVE workshop on your half days, and you work on-demand with further videos tutorials.

    You get to ask lots of questions in the LIVE training and be given responses with how you will apply it in your own business.

    You also have access to all your FREE Bonuses in the Academy which you can do and access at your own pace whenever you like.

    Imagine 12 weeks from now, your life could be so different if you got started today, right?

    There’s a saying: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got.”

    And another one: “You didn’t come this far, to only come this far!

    What if I'm unhappy? How does the money-back guarantee work?

    I can’t have you being unhappy. If you’re willing to learn, adapt, and be critiqued and you’re putting in the required effort, then you’ll be fully supported to achieve successful outcomes.

    Once you’ve qualified for this program with your pre-course application discussion, you’ll know if you want to continue, and I will guide you as to whether you’re the right fit.

    Due to the unique high-value Ip (Intellectual Property) nature of this program after you have commenced monies will not be refunded.

    But because we’re so passionate for you to be successful, if you’re not able to improve or increase your business by a minimum of 20% after 6 six months of consistently implementing everything you’re taught you will receive 5 x 1-hour Business Coaching Sessions FREE (valued @$2,500!). You will need to provide evidence of your weekly consistent efforts over six months. This date will assist in your coaching.

    At the end of the program, you will be surveyed for your feedback and success story.


    Is there an instalment plan?

    Yes. You have the option of 3 instalments of $1175.50  

    Why is this so affordable?

    I’ve taken the very best of several of my pieces of training to create a hybrid course for a short amount of time, as your time is precious.

    I’m wanting to make some great success stories from you my client for this specific course.

    The price of this course will go up, and there will be more people in future classes.  So it’s best to come in and join the fun now.

    Is my information kept confidential?


    All Learners must sign a confidentiality agreement to undertake this course, therefore whether in class or in the Facebook group your information is kept confidential.

    Also with your 18 Point Business Checklist Analysis & Report you do not need to provide all your information and it is kept confidential between you and us until your report is made, of which it is then destroyed.

    You only provide the information you want assistance with.

    Will I be able to implement it straight away?

    Once I have qualified you for this program you will receive notification of when the course begins.

    You will then receive your 18 Point Business Analysis Checklist to go through prior to commencement.

    You will also be able to access SOME of your additionals courses in the Academy area.

    Some of the courses will be drip-fed to you so you’re not overwhelmed as it’s important for you to get ready for the Mini MBA.

    How long will I have access to all the resources?

    You will access to your specific courses for 12 months. They will of course be updated then. 

    You receive on-going support through the Private Facebook Group and the extra FREE on-demand courses.

    Do I get a Certificate?

    YES you will receive a Certificate, though this is not an “accredited” course, 

    As we are qualified Trainer Assessors who has delivered accredited training in universities and registered training organizations, you will receive a high level of expertise and information in the Mini MBA.

    This is not hype and fluff.

    There is a lot of information you’ll receive, but I promise to help you through it, make it fun and very useful!

    What if I want a Business Partner/Staff member to join me in the workshop sessions?

    That’s fine, the additional person will be able to join in for a very small fee of  $497.

    Who is the ideal Learner?

    This Mini MBA is for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and even Managers responsible to assist with the development of their organization no matter the department. 

    After taking this Live Virtual Leaders Mini MBA course you will be able to implement the fundamentals and cutting edge techniques other highly successful Entrepreneurs and big businesses implement, so you can successfully significantly Grow Your Business to ultimately live the life you want.  – Sonia Clark

    Classes are small and limited with numbers.

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